Investigating Different Aluminum Fence Grades

aluminum fence grades

Do you know which aluminum fence grade is right for your fence?

If you’re looking to installing your first aluminum fence, it may surprise you that there is more than one type–or grade of aluminum. And although they are called “residential” and “commercial” grades, the name can be deceiving. A residential gate may be enough for an office building, and commercial grade fencing can be used to secure a home. Choosing the right aluminum grade for your fence can be a little confusing, so we’ll go over what they are so you can determine which one is right for your new fence.

Residential Grade Aluminum

Residential grade aluminum fencing doesn’t just mean cheaper. Residential grade fences are durable and secure, but also light enough to be versatile. Residential grade aluminum fences come in many different styles, colors, and decorative options. Installation is simple and easy, and these fences are incredibly practical for common residential uses such as yard enclosure or keeping in pets. Residential grade aluminum fences come in a variety of heights to suit your needs.

Commercial Grade Aluminum

Commercial grade aluminum fencing is heavy duty, and designed specifically to provide maximum quality and security. Commercial grade aluminum is quite a bit heavier than its residential counterpart, and can be expected to stand up to both intruders and nature’s worst. Commercial grade aluminum fences are commonly employed around pools, high-traffic areas, and other high security situations. Customization features may be limited for commercial grade fences, but they are available in taller heights for additional security.

Aluminum and Iron Fences from Hercules Custom Iron

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