How to Pick the Best Fence Post Caps for Your Fence

How to Pick the Best Fence Post Caps for Your Fence

Often, fence post caps are mistaken for purely decorative ornaments.

Often, fence post caps are mistaken for purely decorative ornaments. The tops of your fence are incredibly vulnerable, and choosing the best fence post caps can protect your fence. What are your different choices? Here are just a few different options to choose from when it comes to fence post caps.    

Wooden Fence Post Caps

Wooden fence post caps are a great idea for wooden fences. Unfortunately, wood is easily affected by rotting, cracking, and insect attacks. However, you can choose to change out the post caps once they wear out and replace them with new ones. This method will save you money on having to replace your entire fence.

Vinyl Caps

Another possibility is using a vinyl cap. Composite materials can also be used to create a fence cap, so these are known as composite post caps. Again, these are a great addition to wooden fences, as they don’t need much maintenance. Keep in mind that ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause the vinyl to fade or wear out. ASA resin is a unique substance that has proven to be more resistant to the effects of UV light. When you’re looking for a particular color of a vinyl cap to choose, the standard black is a good choice as it is the most popular.

Glass Caps

When you want maximum aesthetic impact, go with a glass fence post cap. Topaz and robust blue are eye-catching but not flashy. You can even choose to have stained glass installed on your fence caps and add an extra dimension of decoration with flowers, butterflies, or dragonflies to spruce up your garden fence.

Metal Caps

Metal fence caps are a viable option as well. These are best suited for metal fences, although they can be set into other varieties of fences as well. Metal fence caps don’t need much maintenance and are great for curb appeal. The types of metal you can choose from include copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. One of the best things about metal fence caps is how you can let your imagination run wild. Although a plain fence cap is a fine choice, you can also choose pineapple designs or flower designs. With metal fence caps, you can also improve the security and privacy of your home. Potential intruders won’t want to get caught on the pointy ends of these fence caps, while birds and squirrels will leave the fence alone as well.

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