Choosing Your New Privacy Fence

Choosing Your New Privacy Fence

So when it comes to picking your new privacy fence, here are some pointers that can help you in your search.

You need your new fence to do many things: for one, it should help keep your property safe. For another, it must avoid upsetting your neighbors or violating any of the regulations put in place by your county authorities or your local HOA. So when it comes to picking your new privacy fence, here are some pointers that can help you in your search.

Make It Match

You know you’ve got the right fence when it helps boost your home’s curb appeal. A privacy fence can do more than keep your home safe from prying eyes or envious neighbors. When you make the privacy fence match with the rest of your home’s exterior, you know you’ve got a winner. Walk around the outside of your home on a sunny day with some warmer weather. That way, you’re not tempted to stay inside curled up on your couch under a pile of blankets. Think about the textures of the exterior, the colors your home already features, and what ornaments you’ve already used, especially when decorating the lawn or the fence you already have.

Make Sure It’s Tall Enough

The next step is to ensure that your fence meets height requirements. In most cases, there will be restrictions on how tall the fence is, but you will want to make sure that your privacy fence isn’t too short. During this part of the process, you will also have to consider where the fence is being installed. If it’s protecting the pool, then you will probably want it to be higher, while if it is for your backyard, then it can be shorter.

Customize It

Finally, it’s perfectly fine to customize the fence that you want to add to your home, no matter what you want to use it for – even though you might think that chain link and custom iron fences used for decorative purposes can’t be used to improve the privacy of your home. You can; it’s just that they provide a canvas for you to go all out. Use some mats made of bamboo for your fences to increase the privacy factor of your fence. You can also consider using a windscreen, which will last longer but won’t be as affected by wind and water damage.


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