Fencing Estimators for Your Property

Fencing for your property

An estimator will help you choose a fence by looking at several different features of your property.

When you are thinking about installing a fence for your property, the first step is to hire a fence estimator to come to your property. The fencing estimator will tell you what kind of fence is possible for your property and how many feet of fencing you will need. But what do they exactly do? Well, let’s talk about what they are looking for on your property.


The first thing your estimator will look for on your property is obstructions. They will look for large rocks, trees, bushes, flower beds, and buildings that can affect the construction of your desired fence. They will take notes of all obstacles and potential obstructions.


Unfortunately, nature is not always flat and even. This means your property probably has some kind of grading to it. If your property is hilly or has a large slope, grading is definitely a concern. If your property has a slope or grading to it, a stepped fence can accommodate the slopes but they may leave small spaces at the bottom where pets could escape from residential yards. Another option is a contoured fence.

Advising You

Once the estimator has toured your property and factored all of these things into your property, they will advice you as to what kind of fence would work best for your property. They will take into consideration your fencing needs and wants and help you arrive at the ideal fencing for your property. Your estimator may advise you to choose a wrought iron fence to help protect your commercial property or a steel fence for your residential property.

Choosing a new fence for your property can be a hard decision to make. But by listening to your fencing estimator, you will be able to get an idea of what kind of fencing is ideal for your property and what problems you may run into when hiring Hercules Custom Iron fencing to install your new fence. Hiring an estimator you trust will help to ensure you are choosing the right material and are on the right track!


With security and the added bonus of a pleasing aesthetic appeal, wrought iron may fit your needs. Hercules Custom Iron has more than 70 years of experience crafting glass fences, ornamental iron, and quality aluminum in its in-house manufacturing facility. Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next custom iron, specialty metal or aluminum project! Also, be sure to follow Hercules Custom Iron on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn!

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