How to Clean a Rusted Chain Link Fence

chain link fences

Chain link fences can eventually rust.

While chain link fence can last for decades, some wear and tear is inevitable as it faces the elements. No material lasts forever, and over time chain link fence can become discolored, rusted, which can make the fence look old and dilapidated. If you have noticed that your chain link fence is looking less than its best, read on to learn how to clean rusted chain link fence.

Get Rid Of Debris

Take a broom and wipe it over all of the areas of the fence. This includes posts. Be sure to knock away any spider webs, dust, dirt, or anything else the wind has blown into the fence before getting started cleaning. These can get in your face and lungs if you are not careful and not only make it harder to see but could potentially harm you as well.

Hose It Down

Set your garden nozzle hose to jet or the most powerful steam setting on your model. You really want to knock away any loose paint, rust, or caked on dirt that has accumulated. After that, reset your hose to medium and do the same to your fence. Then allow it to dry completely. How long that takes depends on the size of your fence, so be aware of that.

Scrub Rusted Chain Link Fence

Scrub particularly rusty areas with a wire brush to knock any loose rust away. Closely look over your entire fence for rusty, grimy, or stubbornly dirty areas that need the attention of a wire brush to become as clean and good as new.

Rub It Down

Rub areas of light rust, discoloration, and stubborn grime with a plastic scrub pad. This should remove anything else without damaging your fence.

The Finishing Touches

Wipe the dust off of newly sanded or scrubbed areas with a clean rag. Apply a spray-on rust inhibitor to any problem areas.

Take Safety Precautions

It is important to take certain safety precautions to protect your eyes and lungs while working on your fences. Your health is vitally important.


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