Benefits of a Residential Wrought Iron Fence

Benefits of Wrought Iron

A custom wrought iron fence for your yard adds curb appeal and security to any home!

Wrought iron fencing has been used throughout history since 3500 B.C for a variety of different purposes. This fencing option has been around for centuries and has been a favorite of warriors, royals, and American Royalty for those centuries. But what makes it so popular? Let’s take a look at the benefits of wrought iron fences!


Wrought iron fences are long-lasting and more durable than their appearance. Iron is not only durable enough to handle day-to-day wear and tear but can also stand up to whatever accidents might happen. This durability makes iron fences perfect for giving your home the security you are looking for.

Security and Privacy

When it comes to protecting your family and your property, nothing can beat the strength of wrought iron. Hercules Custom Iron fences are hard to scale and will help prevent people from entering your home without your knowledge. Your wrought iron fence will keep nosy neighbors and unwanted visitors away from your children and pets. Your family will be able to enjoy their lives while being protected.


Maintenance with fences is unavoidable. But when it comes to wrought iron fences, it doesn’t get much easier. These fences have low maintenance as long as they are cared for regularly. Keeping your fence in tip-top shape will protect your family and will also protect your investments!

No Bees in My Fence!

Unlike other fencing options, your wrought iron fence will help to keep rodents out of your yard while standing up to pests. Bugs and other pests love to eat and nest in other types of fencing, but with a wrought iron fence, you won’t have to worry about calling an exterminator!

Curb Appeal

Your home has never looked better than with a wrought iron fence from Hercules Custom Iron. Our custom fences will give your home a style that is unique and classic. With an elegant fence on your side, how can you not be happy?

Wrought iron fences are easily customizable to make your fence a showpiece for your home. Unlike other fencing option, this fence is strong, secure, and requires very little maintenance. To design your custom fence today, call Hercules Custom Iron!


With security and the added bonus of a pleasing aesthetic appeal, wrought iron may fit your needs. Hercules Custom Ironhas more than 70 years of experience crafting glass fences, ornamental iron, and quality aluminum in its in-house manufacturing facility. Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next custom iron, specialty metal or aluminum project! Also, be sure to follow Hercules Custom Iron on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn!

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