Removing Rust from Iron Railings

Are the iron railings on the steps leading up to your front door starting to rust? Here’s how to remove rust from iron railings and restore them to their former luster.

Removing Rust from Iron Railings

The first step in the rust removal process is to clean the iron surface. There are several ways to do so, one of the most common being the use of an abrasive technique. Use a wire brush to sand away rust on the railing. Many wire brushes can be attached to power tools, but if you do use a power tool, make sure to use a soft touch in order to remove only the rust and not the iron underneath it. After removing the majority of the rust with a wire brush, use an emery cloth or synthetic steel wool to remove the remainder of the rust. A hacksaw blade can be used to clear rust that has gotten into crevices. After all of this is complete, rub a rag with mineral spirits along the cleaned surface.

The next step is to apply a primer. This should be done as soon as possible in order to prevent the iron from beginning the oxidation process again. Therefore, only remove as much rust as you’re willing to prime and finish in a session. There are several different types of primers available, including rusty metal, clean metal, and cold galvanizing primers, but no matter your choice, you need to use a alkyd primer.

Once you’ve applied the primer, it’s time to paint. Finish with two coats of paint if applied by brush, or three to four coats if applied by spray.

rust removal

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