Taking Care of Your Wrought Iron Fences

Taking Care of Your Wrought Iron Fences

You expect your wrought iron fences to last you for years, if not decades.

You expect your wrought iron fences to last you for years, if not decades. While this material is one of the most durable when it comes to building a fence, that doesn’t mean you can neglect it. Here are some fantastic tips for taking care of your wrought iron fences. Once the freezing temperatures have lifted, you should make sure to check on how your fences are doing.

Clean Them

It’s not too early to clean off your wrought iron fences. All you need to do this is water and soap, but you’ll want to be sure that the water is warm enough first. Once you have coated your fence in the warm, soapy water, make sure you wash the soap off. Then grab a towel and dry the fence off before leaving it alone to let the air finish drying it. Considering the low temperatures much of the country is experiencing due to the movement of the polar vortex, this task is better left for when the weather turns warmer again.

Get Rid of Rust

While rinsing moss, mildew, and dirt off your wrought iron fence helps keep it looking as good as new, you’ll also need to be mindful about rust. Don’t let the rusting get out of hand. If you deal with the spots of rust while they are still small, they will take far less effort to remove. So, get out a wire brush, and some detergent that isn’t ionic. These items, along with some plain water, will be your best weapons in the fight against rust. Using some rust converter can prevent future occurrences of rust, along with using paint and primer.

Examine the Hardware

Finally, be sure to examine the hardware on your wrought iron fences. Wherever you have installed a fence, you will need a walk gate to pass through it more easily. Put some oil on the hinges so that the gate’s door doesn’t get stuck or make annoying squeaking noises. After all, metal often sticks due to frost exposure. Check on the finials attached to your wrought iron fence and the fasteners and make sure that they aren’t loose.


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