How to Rejuvenate the Custom Iron Around Your Yard

How to Rejuvenate the Custom Iron Around Your Yard

Have the effects of winter damaged the custom iron fencing around your yard?

Have the effects of winter damaged the custom iron fencing around your yard? In that case, it’s time to give it back its original beautiful shine. If you’re not sure what to do, you’re in luck. Here is a guide to rejuvenating the custom iron around your home’s yard.

Inspect It

The first step towards making your custom iron beautiful again is to inspect it. While wrought iron is durable, but you need to maintain it. Walk around your property and take a look at the gates and fences, paying extra addition to the paint on both of these fixtures. Freezing temperatures, especially at night, can weaken the metal. It can also make the paint chip off or rust to accumulate faster than you might think possible.

Clean It

Now that you have confirmed that your custom iron needs some help, you’ve got to do something about it. That’s where cleaning comes into the picture. Now that it’s time to clean your custom iron, the first step is to look for any signs of rust. Use sandpaper or steel wool to rub the rust away.

Then, grab a brand new toothbrush and use it on your fence, too. While this sounds like a waste of a perfectly good toothbrush, it’s much more useful than you’d believe. That’s because the stiffer bristles will make more of a difference. Then use some warm water and detergent to clean off the dirt and other grime that has collected on your iron fence. You’ll need to apply some effort, with a rag or sponge that you can dispose of after you’re done.

Depending on how long you waited to clean your fence, this step could take a while. The next part of the process is to let everything dry. Then you can move on.

Put on a New Finish

The last step is to put some more finish on your custom iron. Whether it’s a fence or a gate, it will need some new powder coating. Since the powder coating doesn’t use any liquid, you can make the coat much thicker than if you used a different type. This coating prevents the formation of rust and helps to protect the paint.


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