Signature Projects

Addison Elementary School, Washington, DC:

HCI completed a very custom project at Addison Elementary school located within the heart of Georgetown within Washington, DC. The historical fence is truly one of a kind. Each finial was hand-cut, ground smooth, drilled, and re-worked to accommodate being welded to the ¾" round solid picket. The round posts also required a custom finial top and the entire fence system was sand-blasted smooth and then powder coated black.

Carderock Naval Base/United States Naval Observatory:

HCI recently completed just less than 4 miles of 10' high ¾" picket solid steel ornamental fence, complete with finials. (18,000 LF) This was a massive scope that required around the clock fabrication, sand-blasting, powder coating, and installation. Each panel weighs just less than 450 lbs. The entire project boasted well over 1 million pounds of steel! This was an extraordinary accomplishment to complete this project ahead of schedule at two very prestigious government facilities. The fence also features a two (2) strand vehicular cable system attached directly to the fence.

Chinese Embassy, Washington, DC:

HCI recently fabricated and powder coated the entire fence & gate perimeter for the Chinese Embassy in Northwest Washington, DC. We worked hand in hand with the architects and designers for the Embassy and although there was a language barrier, we were able to communicate via translators and through CAD drawings. The project featured custom cut "monument tops", a solid steel fence system with kickers, and the gates were extremely ornate with intricate patterns. We were proud to be selected by the Chinese Embassy as a local company capable of meeting their stringent design requirements, custom powder coated color, and strict time restraints.

Custom Rail built to maintain code on multi-tiered wall

HCI recently competed over 1, 300 LF of custom 42" guard rail with rings, unique 8' wide post spacing, and a heavy duty top and bottom tube to maintain IBC railing codes. The custom rail steps often and in some cases quite severely. We were able to maintain a smooth line of rail with running the rail with grade-providing for a very aesthetically pleasing look, while also meeting code. In addition, there was a curved section of the rail that involved shooting grades and re-creating the exact curve as the wall.

Department of the Treasury

HCI removed the existing gates at the Treasury Department, installed temporary gates, and then refurbished the existing gates. We added stiffeners and fixed several broken welds, sandblasted the gates to a smooth bare metal finish, and then powder coated them black. We then mobilized to re-weld the gates in place.

Doors with Decorative Steel inserts

HCI removed and re-worked some existing ornamental paneling on exterior doors. We also built new panels to match the existing; powder coated both the old and new black and the re-installed. This job was located in Washington, DC and we "fast tracked" this installation as we had a very short window from when we could measure the new panels and from when they needed to be completed.

Solid 3" post Project

HCI recently installed a custom 42" solid steel fence at t Mullinix Park in Frederick County, MD. This particular project was 100% solid-the pickets, the rails, and the posts. This is the only 3" solid post job that we have ever seen and the coating process and maneuvering the material involved extreme care and safety conscious man-power. The face-welded product pleased the owner tremendously and based on its extremely rare specification and job prestige, it is certainly a Hercules Custom Iron Signature Job.

Walter Reed National Medical Center

HCI recently installed eight floors of continue picketed light wall in-fill panels as well as custom welded wire frame safety rail running the entire ramp length of the parking garage. In all, HCI measured, fabricated, sandblasted, powder coated, and installed over (800) 42" panels that were bolted in the field. Each panel was specifically labeled with a floor and number, delivered to the jobsite, hoisted into place, and installed in the correct location utilizing a very methodical and coordinated plan of attack. HCI was successful in meeting the job's accelerated schedule and the owner was very satisfied with the end result.


HCI complete an aluminum railing project in the Baltimore Harbor directly along the pier. The project is all aluminum with rings and required exact measurements as all of the sections were welded in place. Access for the welding trucks and field personnel was challenging, and this project was fast tracked as the pier had to be protected at all times. This project enhances the area and the "beefy" specification and ball caps set this railing apart from that of a standard one.

Washington Golf & Country Club, Arlington, VA

HCI successfully complete a large scale pool project at Washington Golf & Country Club that required matching existing ornamental steel fence. The size of the rings was not a standard item, so to get an exact match we had to hand-roll each "circle" from a solid ¾" piece of steel. While this took extra time, it was the only way to match these aluminum panels exactly. The arched top offered a very interesting look and offers a fantastic view of the golf course. The aluminum was powder coated black and the panels were bolted together in the field utilizing tabs.


HCI successfully completed a renovation project at the British Embassy located in NW Washington, DC. The fence is 6' high solid picket, with custom "monument" tops custom cut to achieve the required angle. Additionally, custom brace supports were fabricated to match the existing and if you drive by you cannot distinguish between the old and new! That is exactly what was asked from HCI-provide a solid steel fence to match the old as closely as possible-certainly a job well done!

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