3 Top Benefits Of Glass Railings

3 Top Benefits Of Glass Railings Hercules Custom Iron

You don’t have to worry about glass railings rotting, decaying, or rusting

When selecting a guardrail for your home, glass railings are the way to go. You see, most people want to have a guardrail that can provide safety but still look aesthetically pleasing around their home. Therefore, if you’re faced with this predicament glass railings system can be the solution for you. 

Unfortunately, traditional railings such as wood and iron have been used for decades and well utilized in their time. Although, technological advancements have been able to provide a cost-effective option that offers you durable, stylish, and versatile designs. So, you’re wondering about glass railings being an option for your home, here are three benefits glass railings can provide for your home. 

Maintenance Is Easy

Compared to wood and iron railings, glass railings are easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about glass railings rotting, decaying, or rusting. Fortunately, tempered safety glass is typically treated at a very high temperature to ensure maximum strength; therefore, extreme weather conditions aren’t a threat to glass railings. Additionally, pests and other insects typically infest wood, which can ultimately make your property unsafe. It’s essential to remember that glass railings can help eliminate the stress of maintaining your railing system.  

Glass Railings Provide Phenomenal Views

If your home has a beautiful backyard view or an incredible sight you’d like to preserve, therefore you should consider installing a glass railing system. This is because tempered glass panels are nearly invisible. Consequently, it provides a seamless flow between your property and its surrounding landscape.

Extremely Safe

The most valuable part of choosing a glass railing system is it’s incredibly safe and reliable. Therefore, you and your family can feel secure in your home or apartment building. This is because glass railings are simple to install and effective at providing you with maximum security. Additionally, glass railings protect against high winds, accidental falls and can stand up against extreme weather conditions.


If you are ready to install your heavy-duty iron fence and add glass railings or you still have some more questions, we here at Hercules Custom Iron are ready to help. We have many years of experience and will ensure that your metal fence, chain link fence, indoor and outdoor railings, and other custom fence fabrications will serve you, your family, or your business for years. Hercules Custom Iron works with you through every step, from consultation to manufacturing to installation. We proudly serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. 

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