Common Aluminum Fence Myths

aluminum fence

Aluminum fences have a very long lifespan.

If you are considering a fence for your property and are leaning toward aluminum fence, you may have come across some conflicting information. In fact, there are quite a few aluminum fence myths and misconceptions floating around. Read on to sort out fiction and fact when it comes to aluminum fence.

Is Steel Stronger Than Aluminum?

One of the most prevalent myths in regard to aluminum fence is that steel is stronger than it. Aluminum is lighter than steel, which has perhaps convinced many people that it is not as strong. In regards to the strength to weight ratio, this is simply not true. The actual main difference is that steel is stiffer than aluminum.

How Long Does Aluminum Fence Last?

If you chose aluminum, you’re in luck. Aluminum fence can actually outlast a person’s average lifespan.  

Is Aluminum Fence More Expensive Than Wrought Iron Fence?

Wrought iron is more expensive generally for several reasons. For one, a wrought iron fence requires extra labor to be built and constructed. While it can be assembled in shop, it still has to be welded on site in order to be installed properly. Then the job site welds need to be cleaned, primed, and painted with several coats. Aluminum fence, on the other hand, requires no special on site procedure.

Does Aluminum Fence Rust?

It is a popular myth that all metal rusts. However, aluminum fence is physically incapable of rusting due to its chemical makeup. In fact, recent advances in technology ensure that a paint job on aluminum fencing can last from 30 years to a lifetime. Aluminum does not rust like other metals. And unlike wood it does not crack, warp, or split. Aluminum also is not susceptible to rot, mold, or insect infestation. It is an incredibly low maintenance fence that stands the test of time and will look beautiful for years.


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