Are You in the Market for Privacy Fencing?

Are You in the Market for Privacy Fencing?

If you’re looking for some new privacy fencing, then you have some questions to answer and decisions to make.

Privacy fences are great ways to keep your home and family safe. If you’re looking for some new privacy fencing, then you have some questions to answer and decisions to make. Although putting up a fence is one of those home improvement projects you think you can do on your own, for best results, it’s best to consult the experts. Here’s what you should know about privacy fencing before you start the installation process.

What Material Do You Want?

First of all, you need to select the material you want for your newest set of privacy fences. You could, conceivably, choose a wooden one for the front yard and a vinyl one for the backyard of your home. While wood and vinyl are viable choices, you’ll have to think about they are affected by the ravages of winter weather – namely snow, ice, and wind. Although the winter is drawing to a close, spring hasn’t come back just yet. You could instead choose to have a fence made out of aluminum, steel, wrought iron, or some other type of metal. Sometimes, you can set them into concrete, or use concrete as part of the fence as well.

Did You Consider Alternatives?

That said, alternatives do exist. Growing hedges may take some time, but you can use them to complement your privacy fences. Plus, they help soften your landscape, which also helps to increase curb appeal. But chances are, if you are hoping to improve your privacy, you aren’t looking to welcome visitors anytime soon, either. So while using hedges, trees, plants, and flowers can bring more life into your yard, it might not suit your needs if you do this.

Other Suggestions

Now that you are ready to assemble and install your privacy fence make sure you can do it. This is an essential step in the process that many homeowners overlook or choose to ignore. You’ll have to speak to your homeowners’ association and local authorities to see if you need any special paperwork or permits. After all, your new fence will probably only be allowed to reach a certain maximum height, and there are going to be areas where you can’t place the fence, particularly if it runs off of your property.


If you are ready to install your wrought iron fence and add iron railings or you still have some more questions, we here at Hercules Custom Iron are here to help. We have many years of experience and will ensure that your chain link fence will serve you and your family for years. Visit us online or call us at 1-800-331-2590. For advice, updates, and to see what we are up to, be sure to follow us on social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest.

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