Advantages of Glass Railings for Decks

glass railings

What are some advantages of glass railings for decks?

Glass railings are a classy touch almost anywhere. Someplace they add an even better touch is on your deck. In this blog we’ll give you some reasons to consider glass railings. Not only that, we’ll also detail some advantages they hold for your deck. For best results, choose your railings before the construction phase begins.

And now, presenting: the Advantages

Affordability and availability: Glass railings are affordable options, and even better, are highly available for installation. They can easily be an exciting and beautiful addition to your home.

Keeps children safer: Children can see out through the glass, but cannot fall off the deck. They stay on, which is great peace of mind for you or for guests, whether they be friends or just visitors. Glass railings have another advantage when it comes to children: the divider sections between panels means they can’t stick their hands or heads inside.

Unspoiled views: Do you have a spectacular view? Why spoil it with a regular deck railing? Glass railings can allow you to have an unspoiled view all the time in a way that wood or other deck railings can’t provide.

Wind breakage: Glass railings also provide superb wind breakage. Many people who live on lakes choose glass railings for this reason. Beyond the view of the lake, the glass also slows down the howling winds coming off the water. A good tip is to leave some extra space between the panels of your glass railing so as to let more wind to pass through it.

Ability to easily decor: Glass railings are easy to customize. Adding an extra layer of wooden railing creates a warm and pleasant, so-called contemporary look. Beverages and other items can be kept on the flat surface of the wooden railing that serves as a topper for your glass railing panels.

Unfortunately, There Are Disadvantages Too:

May need additional cleaning: Wooden railings clean quite easily. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of glass. Fingerprints and pawprints from curious children and pets will fog up or smudge the glass.

Glass breakage: Please move with caution. Even if tempered glass is used in place of its more delicate cousin, this does not mean it is unbreakable. On a deck with glass rather than wooden rails, you might want to be extra careful when moving around. 

Greenhouse effect: In sunny and warm areas, glass can quickly soak up all that heat and sunlight. The warmth can kickstart a greenhouse effect where the glass heats up extremely quickly. Hot glass and metal is, of course, painful to touch, so be aware of where you plan to install your new glass railings and make sure there is adequate airflow to help cool them down.

Glass Railing from Hercules Custom Iron

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