Is a Glass Railing Deck Right for My Maryland Home?

glass railing

Glass railing keeps the view

For those unfamiliar with the term, glass railing can be thought of as basically being like a glass fence or barrier.

So, if your deck looks out upon a spectacular expansive view, or let’s say a beautiful wooded landscape, it doesn’t take much thought to appreciate the appeal of installing clear, see-through, protective glass railing.

Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, glass railing also offers other advantages.

Glass railing can act as a better windbreaker than more traditional fencing types. Granted, some spacing needs to be worked into a glass railing design so as to allow for adequate relief from the pressure of the wind. But the fact that glass railing is a favorite among those homeowners whose residences face water, just points to how significant the windbreaking advantage is.

Since glass railing fencing is made of tempered glass, maintenance is relatively easy — it’s like cleaning a window.

We’ve already touched on the obvious aesthetic advantage of glass railing fixtures not obstructing a view, but it’s important to emphasize that same advantage for little children as well. With other types of safety fencing, children tend to concentrate on the enclosed space within, and miss the greater picture. Put young children on a deck with a glass railing that overlooks a great view, and watch the awe creep into their faces.

And with the absence of spaced pickets, young kids will be much less tempted to try to squeeze their heads and other extremities through the fencing, or to push toys and other objects over the edge of the deck.

There are, however, some disadvantages to glass railing fences to consider as well.

Those same kids (and yes, pets, like puppies and rambunctious dogs) can quickly mark up the glass with finger prints, paw prints and the inescapable slobbering. That can be an irritant to adults looking to relax.

While today’s glass railings are made of strong tempered glass, keep in mind that they are not indestructible. An appropriate corollary to the common adage could be: “People with a glass railing deck should not throw stones.”

Also, if the deck is southern facing, with a lot of exposure to the sun, then the glass can create a greenhouse effect, making the deck surface and area rather warm.

We encourage you to contact us and take advantage of our expertise to help you decide whether a glass railing deck is an ideal option for your residence.


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