Five Ways to Keep Your Commercial Fence Rust-Free

hercules custom iron commercial fence rust-free

Follow these tips to keep your commercial iron fence rust-free.

Rust is the primary enemy of metal fences because once it sets in, it can be impossible to recover the underlying metal. Typically, it’s best to just start over and replace your commercial fence, so the best thing to do is prevent rust in the first place. So, what do you do once you have a brand new commercial fence and want to keep the metal looking new? We have five helpful tips for keeping your commercial fence rust-free.

Inspect Your Fence for Signs of Rust

A commercial fence is a great way to add privacy and security to your business, but keeping it in good condition is important. Over time, fences can develop rust, weakening the structure and making it prone to damage. If you discover any signs of rust on your fence, take care of them immediately. You may remove it with a wire brush or sandpaper and then re-stain the fence to prevent further damage. With a little care, your fence will last many more years.

Clean Your Commercial Metal Fence

Washing your fence might seem counterintuitive, considering the goal is to prevent rust. However, cleaning your fence removes the dirt that accumulates with time. The abrasive, tiny particles in dust and dirt can scrape the fence, making it prone to rust. In addition, dirt buildup can hide the signs of a rust problem on your commercial fence. Use a garden hose to wash away the dirt and soapy water to clean the fence. Mild soap is best, as it won’t erode the surface. If some areas are hard to reach, you can use a toothbrush to eliminate dirt trapped. Remember to rinse and dry your fence to eradicate moisture that could cause corrosion.

Apply Paint or Sealant

Rust can weaken a metal fence and cause it to break, making your fence less effective. A coat of paint or sealant is a great way to prevent rusting in a metal fence. This produces a barrier between the metal and the elements, stopping rust from forming. Paints and sealants will help extend the life of your commercial fence and keep it looking its best. 

Eliminate Rust Spots Immediately

Corrosion can be an ongoing problem, so inspecting your commercial metal fence for rust spots should be part of your maintenance routine. Eliminate all rust spots to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen. Sandpaper or steel wool can help you achieve this. Quick repairs, followed by the application of a rust-preventive primer, can significantly extend the lifespan and maintain the integrity of your commercial iron fence.


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