How A Pool Fence Keeps Your Outdoor Pool Clean

hercules custom iron pool fence
A pool fence is essential in keeping out any unwanted stuff from entering the pool grounds!

We are full swing into summer, and many outdoor in-ground pool owners are enjoying the height of the pool season! However, since the summer is now a little more than halfway over, the pool is probably starting to see some adverse side effects in terms of cleanliness. Some problems, such as pH imbalance, can be easily fixed with a little bit of chemical help. Unfortunately, some of them are just as equally uncontrollable since the forces of nature cause them. However, there is one secret hero that can help– the pool fence! Here’s how installing a pool fence can make both the pool deck and the pool itself so much cleaner.

Pool Fence Prevents Wind Debris

If you don’t cover your pool every night, you’ll likely run into this problem whenever the wind speeds are high, or there is a storm. With high winds comes plenty of debris, such as litter, tree branches, and leaves. Since a pool is in-ground, it acts as a sort of hole in which debris can get stuck in. Debris is not only unsightly, but it can also actually cause a lot of issues with the pool. For example, it can add additional dirt, grime, and germs to the pool. And if any gets into the pool’s filter or plumbing systems, that’s a very expensive fix! Some debris is not really possible to avoid, like leaves or dirt, just because of their size. However, by installing a pool fence, you can prevent larger pieces of debris from ever reaching your pool! Your pool fence will act as a barrier, and debris outside the fence is much easier to pick up rather than fish out of the pool!

Keep Animals Away 

Another perk of a pool fence is it keeps larger animals away from the perimeter of the pool. Although many of these animals are cute, they may be pests who bring the risk of disease to your home. Or, they might fall into the pool and meet their untimely demise, leaving for messy cleanup. A pool fence, especially one with anti-animal security measures equipped, can drastically reduce the chances of an animal getting into the property. 

Flexible Pool Fence

Lastly, did you know some types of pool fencing are removable? For example, some sections such as gates can be removed from their hinges for easier access to cleaning supplies or making room for industrial size cleaners. By removing this barrier towards the end of the summer for end-of-season cleanup, you have just made the extensive cleaning process a whole lot easier. 


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