Extend the Life of Your Iron Fence with Powder Coating

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Powder coating your iron fence is a great way to add vibrant, long-lasting color!

An iron fence is one of the strongest materials a fence can possibly be made out of. It is resistant to even the strongest of potential damages just considering its structure alone. However, an iron fence does have one Achilles Heel– the rain. This is due to iron’s natural property of oxidizing, better known by most people as rust, overtime when in long contact with water. Rust is not only an eyesore, but it actually weakens the overall structure of the fence, making a huge impact on the strength and durability. However, there are a few actions you can take to fight against rust. One such option is through powder coating your iron fence. Here’s how powder coating your iron fence can help it last much longer and live to see so many more years. 

How Powder Coating Works

A professionally applied powder coat is a great solution to preventing rust. Tiny particles, similar looking to powder, are blasted onto the iron fence’s surface by a machine. These particles will eventually harden into a protective coating on the fence, which is rust, weathering, and wear and tear-resistant. One other great trait of powder coating is that you can choose a color if you’d like for your fence! This will save your family or business a lot of time, effort, and money by not having to paint the fence from scratch. Plus, paint doesn’t generally stick to an iron fence too well and will likely flake off over time. Another great feature of powder coating is its minimal environmental impact. Powder blasting is not with chemicals or other harsh additives, and after installation, will not emanate any toxic fumes. 

Other Solutions to Prolong Iron Fence Life

While powder coating is probably the best solution to prolonging the life of your iron fence, there are a few other viable options as well. One such option is through the use of corrosion inhibitors. This is a chemical that is applied to an iron fence that hardens into a transparent, protective film. The best advantage of a corrosion inhibitor is that it mostly preserves the natural look and texture of the iron, which is a preferable look for many people. There is also waxing your iron fence, which also serves as a protectant. Waxing is a bit more of a DIY project and doesn’t need to be performed by a professional. All you’ll need is some specialty protective wax, a spray bottle, a rag, and lots of time to wipe down your fence yourself. 


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