How Residential Fencing Contribute to Child and Pet Safety

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For families with children and pets, residential fencing is more than an aesthetic enhancement or a boundary marker to a home.

For families with children and pets, residential fencing is more than an aesthetic enhancement or a boundary marker to a home. It’s also crucial to create a safe outdoor environment where young children and pets can play and explore without being exposed to the dangers of the outside world. This article discusses how residential fencing contributes to child and pet safety.

Importance of Pool Fencing

While not everyone is fortunate enough to have a pool, those who do feel a particular safety concern. Installing a pool safety fence is vital to prevent accidental drownings by keeping kids and pets safely away from the water. This residential fencing should be at least four feet high with self-closing gates that latch automatically. It should be made from long-lasting materials such as vinyl or aluminum to withstand water exposure. In addition, a well-designed pool fence enhances safety and maintains privacy and cleanliness by minimizing debris.

Critical Safety Fencing Features

  • The height of a fence is the fundamental safety feature. For families with pets, particularly larger ones, fences must be high enough to prevent them from jumping over. We typically recommend at least 6 feet. For children, the fence’s height should prevent them from climbing over. Residential fencing should withstand the inevitable rough play of children and the physical strength of pets without collapsing.
  • Ensuring that gates have secure locks that kids cannot open is crucial. For instance, self-closing gates with high-mounted locks may prevent kids from wandering out and deter intruders from entering the yard.
  • The option between a transparent fence and a solid fence is vital. Solid fencing offers more privacy, preventing children from looking outside distractions. In contrast, fences with some level of transparency allow parents to observe the yard and look out for any possible dangers from outside.

Safe Fencing Materials

Hercules Custom Iron specializes in both aluminum and steel fencing products, enabling us to gain extensive experience in the field and develop custom metal fencing. In particular, aluminum fences are durable and safe with minimal upkeep. They can be designed with narrower bars to prevent pets from squeezing through. Also, they often come with a powder coating that is safe for kids and pets while providing resistance to rust.

Furthermore, while chain link fencing is less aesthetically pleasing than vinyl or wood, they are durable and provide visibility. Consider adding a fabric screen or slats for additional safety and privacy for your children and pets. Overall, residential fencing secures your property and provides peace of mind so that your loved ones can enjoy the outdoors without risking an unfenced yard.


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