Protect Your Chain Link Fence this Summer

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Summer threatens a chain link fence with humidity, heat, and rust.

Summer threatens a chain link fence with humidity, heat, and rust. It may be at risk for slow deterioration from the summer’s heat. So, proper fence care and maintenance will make your fence last longer and maintain the curb appeal intact. Protect your chain link fence this summer with the following practical measures, so you don’t have to worry about fence repair.

Wash Your Fence

One of the things you can do to avoid fence repair is to wash it. Over the winter, your chain link fence was likely exposed to snow, rain, and other natural debris. In most cases, this debris may stick to your fence and compromise its structure. So, consider using a power washer or pressure washing machine to remove debris from your chain link fence.

If the fence is painted, ensure you stand the recommended distance away to avoid chipping the paint off. Otherwise, you are good.

Inspect the Hinges

Since all chain link fences have hinges, they are often the first thing to rust. Once they are rusted, they can be challenging to manage and damage your fence while making it hard to use. In addition, replace damaged or rusted hinges to avoid serious, long-term issues that can result in you having to repair or replace your fence.

Moreover, examine the ground below the fence occasionally for potential dangers. If you have a chain link fence, inspect for rust around the joints. Also, watch out for any warping or breaks in the fence.

Avoid Hanging Heavy Attachments

Never hang, install, or place heavy accessories or attachments by drilling screw holes into the fence. This is because it can damage its structural integrity. Also, this may further lead to sagging and warping of your fence.

Examine Trees and Roots

Although climbers and vines improve the appearance of your chain link fence, they might damage it over time. Also, vegetation that grows on or near your fence might attract insects and rodents that can damage your fence. Solution? Eliminate weeds, prune overhanging climbers and vines, and trim the grass.

Lastly, cut off looming tree branches because they may trigger damage during a storm. If they are on your neighbor’s property line, talk to them before continuing.


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