How Does Powder Coating Benefit Your Iron Fence?

hercules custom iron powder coating

Your iron fence can benefit from powder coating than its liquid paint counterpart.

The next time you need to construct a commercial wrought iron fence or any structure made of the same material, you should opt for powder coating. Your iron fence can benefit from powder coating than its liquid paint counterpart. Let’s find out why.


Similar to many industrial processes, powder coating takes a substantial amount of energy to complete. However, this may be worth it because all of that energy transfer makes the powder coating more durable. So, it can withstand the wild winter weather better than if you chose a liquid coating method. For instance, snow, ice, wind, and even vibration damage from passing trains won’t be able to impact it much. In addition, the coating will resist the effects of heat once spring and summer returns.

With a powder-coated iron fence, you can avoid rusting problems. So, you should consider powder coating your wrought iron fence to increase the value of your investment. This would enhance the metal’s resistance to rust.


Another significant benefit of selecting powder coating for your wrought iron fence is that it’s more affordable. This affordability comes from the lack of waste that powder coating produces. Fortunately, homeowners can save money, and business owners can stay compliant with regulations issued by state and federal government agencies. Plus, it’s better for the environment: the paint leaves behind several types of pollutants and contaminants, but powder coating.


Regardless of where you put your wrought iron fence, you want it to still look as good several months from now as in a couple of weeks. So, if you need another reason to select powder coating over liquid coating, it’s easier to look at than their counterparts. For starters, the paint won’t start running. Secondly, the finished product looks much more attractive. If you neglect them, your iron fences can easily become an eyesore that decreases curb appeal.

Whether attempting to attract more customers or sell your home, increasing your curb appeal is essential. Overall, choosing the powder coating method is worth it, whether it’s a gate, fence, or some other iron structure protecting your perimeter.


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