Ways to Keep Your Metal Fence from Rusting

hercules custom iron keep your metal fence from rusting

This article demonstrates ways to keep your metal fence from rusting.

There is nothing worse than the sight of a rusty metal fence. It can stand out and indicate a severe drop in the resale value of your property. For this reason, it’s never ideal to allow your fence to rust. Whether residential or commercial, you must keep your property in good condition. This article demonstrates ways to keep your metal fence from rusting.

Always Inspect for Signs of Rust

Rust on a metal fence can appear in multiple ways. The most prevalent method is in the form of small, circle spots. Also, inspecting your fence after a heavy storm or every few days during the humid summer season is always best. This is when rust will most likely appear. In case you do discover a bit of rust, apply sandpaper to rub it off. However, don’t rub so hard that you scrape the original metal underneath.

If the rust is significant, you might need a metal brush. Apply it vigorously, just like you do with sandpaper. When the rust is widespread, you may need to utilize a commercial cleaner to dissolve it.

Galvanize Your Metal Fence

Another way to keep your metal fence from rusting is to galvanize it. This process involves coating your fence with a protective layer of industrial zinc. Once applied, it will maintain your iron or steel fence safe from rust for a long time. 

Consider Sandblasting Your Fence

One of the best ways to keep your metal fence from rusting for a cost-effective price is sandblasting. Sandblasting involves blasting extremely tiny and delicate bits of sand against your metal fence. Although it’s hazardous, this effective method will eliminate rust from your fence. As a result, your fence surface will be smooth and shiny again like it was initially.

Ensure the Rust is Completely Gone

One of the most significant errors a fence owner can make is to paint or apply protective coating before all rust is stripped away. Even worse is to paint over the rust because the rust will continue to spread under the coating. Unfortunately, you will have to receive a fence replacement. This is why you must spot any rust before coating the fence.


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