Overlooked Benefits of a Privacy Fence

privacy fence

A privacy fence does more than just add value and security to your home.

Installing a privacy fence is definitely a smart way to add value and security to your home, but many homeowners overlook some of the less obvious benefits. Here a few reasons why installing a privacy fence should be next on your home remodeling to-do list.


The most obvious benefit of a privacy is, well, privacy! These fences allow you to have gatherings with friends and family without being disturbed by neighbors. A privacy fence also gives kids a place to play without worrying about them interacting with unwanted strangers. If you have a pool or are planning to build a pool, a privacy fence will go a long way toward deterring pool crashers and unwanted onlookers.

Security and Value

A privacy fence can actually lower your homeowner insurance rates, and depending on your provider the savings may cover most of the expense of installing a fence. A privacy fence that’s well-built and well-maintained can also increase your property’s resale value. And while a privacy fence won’t remove 100% of potential dangers, it will serve as an extra layer of security by deterring intruders from trying to enter your yard.

Animal Boundary

A confined space is perfect for letting pets roam and play outdoors. A privacy fence keeps pets on your property and prevents them from becoming a nuisance to neighbors (and vice versa). Privacy fences can also keep stray animals from wandering into your yard and doing damage to your gardens or property.

Weather Protection

Severe winds can do damage to your property, which can be a big concern during the fall season. With a well-built privacy fence, you will have a protective barrier against damaging winds to keep your garden and outdoor living space safe.

Property Delineation

A privacy fence serves as a clear boundary between you and your neighbor’s property. Keeping neighbor relations stable is always important, and understanding property lines helps avoid future disputes. Make sure you familiarize yourself with local permits and regulations (fence height, zoning, HOA rules) before installing a privacy fence. Consult your neighbors so everyone is on the same page when you decide to put a fence up.

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