Protect Your Pet with Railing Safety

hercules custom iron railing safety

Design is critical in railing safety for pets.

Railings are designed to protect humans from danger, not animals. And as much as you love your pet, you can’t deny that they sometimes lack common sense. So, how can you ensure your cat or dog doesn’t slip through your rail’s posts? What kind of rail or protective device must you purchase to protect your pet? Let’s discuss protecting your pet with railing safety.

Purchase and Correctly Install a Quality Balcony Railing

It’s imperative that you select a high-quality, long-lasting product such as aluminum. It must be sturdy and installed correctly to prevent any accidents. Also, it would help to hire a professional for railing installation. Fortunately, Hercules Custom can provide the custom aluminum balcony rails and fencing you need. Request a free estimate today!

We can also provide recommendations if you still need to determine which railing material and brand will suit your home. However, you can’t go wrong with a versatile railing material like vinyl or aluminum.

Consider the Railing Design

Design is critical in railing safety for pets. Besides seeking a quality product, you should buy a railing with small openings between the posts and beneath the bottom rail. This would deter your small dog or curious cat from slithering through the bars or crawling below the rail. In addition, buy a rail that is very thin to prevent your cat from climbing along it.

Supervise Your Pet(s)

Just like you watch your children when they play outside, you must also supervise your pet(s). Never leave your pet alone on a deck or balcony. For instance, small animals can fall between posts or crawl beneath them. Also, large animals may be able to jump over a railing.

 In any case, it’s crucial that you are there to spot and prevent possible dangerous situations. If you want to allow your pet to play outside for several minutes unattended, put a gate on your patio or deck.

Keep Furniture Away from the Railing

Regarding railing safety for pets, you should consider furniture placement. The furniture can pose a threat to your pet’s safety. If you place patio furniture close to the railing, your pet may use it as a boost to escape jump.

Now that you have learned about railing safety for pets, you understand how vital it’s to select and install a quality railing product properly. Check out our website if you are interested in purchasing an aluminum railing.


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