Why You Should Consider Powder Coating Your Iron Fence

hercules custom iron powder coating your iron fence

Learn why you should consider powder coating your iron fence.

Besides serving its purpose from the security perspective, installing iron fences around your property is a classy addition. With iron fences, you don’t risk having them dry or crumble in the summer months. Even though iron is durable, you must prevent the metal from long-term decay and rust. Powder coating can improve your fence’s longevity. This is why you should consider powder coating your iron fence.

Improve Iron Fence Durability

Despite the paint quality you apply on the fence, exposure to nature would chip it away. In addition, fences might become scratched, scuffed, and carved into. The heat and rain may also crack the paint, and the flakes will eventually fall off. However, powder coating your iron fence will not bring you these issues. Thanks to its exceptional resistance to the elements of nature, the coating remains attached to the metal. Fortunately, a powder-coated fence can last for decades.

Moreover, your property would be susceptible to intruders after the paint on your iron fence chips off. In contrast, intruders will not try to breach your security when you go for a powder coating.

Rust Resistance

With a professionally installed powder-coated iron fence, you can avoid issues like rusting. Depending on the moisture severity, iron fences will likely develop rust at some point. This will eventually corrode the metal, and you’ll need to replace them after several years. So, you should consider powder coating your iron fence to deliver value to your investment. This would improve the metal’s resistance to rust.

Low Maintenance Costs

Additionally, you should consider powder coating your iron fence because they require low effort for maintenance. Eventually, you’ll need to clean it once every few months. The process also requires no massive investment.

Personalized Finish & Color

Lastly, with various options to select from, powder coatings broaden your personal preferences. With a professional company, you can pick from a significant array of colors. Even if the shade you seek is unavailable, the professionals will create the same, combining other colors. So, decide on a color that would complement with other elements around your property.


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