Aluminum Fencing and its Advantages

Hercules custom iron aluminum fencing

Aluminum fencing is a very beautiful addition to any property.

Fencing is a must-have for any property. It not only allows for protection, but it also allows for privacy and even a sense of elegance. Fencing for sure adds property value to any home or business, and aluminum fencing is no stranger to this. Aluminum fencing is an excellent alternative to a traditional wooden fence or even an iron fence. There are more advantages of aluminum fencing than you can count, but here are just the top three.

Aluminum Fencing is Beautiful

One of the top features of aluminum fencing is its attractiveness. If you love a fence with clean lines and intricate design, an aluminum fence is a perfect choice for your property. This is because aluminum, when it is being manufactured, is very malleable at high heat, meaning it can easily take any shape one would desire. That means that it can be made into an ornamental fence without the high maintenance and financial cost of a wrought iron fence! There are hundreds of premade designs of aluminum fencing to consider as well, such as intricate Carolina and Sierra designs, spear-topped Appalachian and MAnhattan, and even sculpted types like the Monarch and Imperial. Even better, aluminum fencing can come in three different types of metal finishes: white, black, or bronze, with minimal chipping or fading. And if you really want to add a look of class to your fencing, you can even opt to have some tips finished with gold. 

The Strongest Type of Fencing

For those concerned with how strong your fence is in fear of animals, weather damage, or even trespassers, you will have no fears with aluminum fencing. Aluminum fences are first coated with a powder coating that makes the already strong and durable aluminum metal even more resistant to damage and weathering. And aluminum also has a secret– oxidization. You may remember oxidation from science class as the first cause of rust. However, aluminum is made out of a completely different metal type than iron, so rust is not possible. In fact, oxidizing on an aluminum fence is a good thing; it actually helps to provide the fence with a natural layer of protection.

Low Maintenance

Do you want the look and class of an iron fence but just simply don’t have the time to perform all the maintenance it requires? Look no further than aluminum fencing. As mentioned earlier, aluminum does not rust, so you won’t have to worry about de-rusting every few months or so. You also won’t need to repaint or power wash. All you’ll have to do is some occasional, easy maintenance like vine removal and spot cleaning from natural dirt and grime. 


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