Why Wrought Iron Fencing for Cemeteries and Family Plots?

hercules custom iron wrought iron fence

Cemetaries are solemn places, but they are still susceptible to vandalism. Install a wrought iron fence to yours today!

If you’re looking for a cemetery or family plot fence, look no further than wrought iron fencing. It provides both security as well as the proper aesthetic to match the situation. It’s the most commonly used fencing around cemeteries for a reason, especially when replacing old fencing or during new cemetery construction. Wrought iron fencing can be designed to look historic, giving it a timeless feel that’s suitable for cemeteries and family plots alike.

Security Benefits

If security is ever a concern, wrought iron fencing should be considered. Sometimes cemeteries have issues with people loitering at night and because they are otherwise unsecured areas aside from caretakers, having a quality fence is a must-have for many cemeteries and family plots out there. Consider welding the panels directly onto the posts to make them tamper proof if you really want to cover your bases.

Flexible Installation

As far as fencing goes, wrought iron fencing is often more customizable in terms of installation options than other kinds of fencing. You can then use this kind of fencing for smaller applications, like a family plot instead of an entire cemetery. You can go as small as 16ft by 16ft and wind up with a beautiful, elegant looking plot that will last the ages. If you have private property and are looking for fencing options that aren’t going to require a lot of maintenance, wrought iron fencing may be the way to go.

Getting the Aesthetic Down with Wrought Iron Fencing

Part of the trickiness of designing a cemetery or other burial plot is finding ways to make everything look timeless. The good news is that wrought iron fencing is such an easy, effective way to do this. From incredibly old cemeteries to brand new ones, many of them install this kind of wrought iron fencing because of its lasting style. It also lends a sense of elegance that’s appropriate for a space that deserves formality and respect.


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