Things to Know Before Installing an Iron Fence

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An iron fence is a great addition to any home, but make sure to do some preliminary checks before contacting an installation service like Hercules Custom Iron.

An iron fence is a beautiful addition to any property, but you should still be aware of many influencing factors on its overall look and appearance. There are actually a decent amount of considerations that need to be addressed before jumping right into fencing installation. Here is a list of a few simple but important things to note before installing your brand new iron fence. 

Know What You Want Well-Before

There are tons of varieties of iron fences out there, including louvered iron, ornamental iron, and wrought iron fence options. Each of these varieties has very different appearances from one another that may not be suitable for every neighborhood or visual aesthetic. You should make sure to always do research on the types of the iron fence before installation. 

Face Your Fence Correctly

If you have decided on a louvered iron fence for privacy, you will have to take into consideration the correct direction so as not to make any neighbors angry. The panel side with the outward louvers should be facing towards the neighbors. However, it’s also important to note that all pickets, rails, and posts should be on the interior side facing your home. This makes the property look much nicer inside and out. 

Do Some Research

Make sure before purchasing your iron fence to take a look into any requirements from the neighborhood. Some housing associations are very strict when it comes to fencing materials and may not allow for different types of fencing. If the HOA has already been approved, then it’s even more important to look into the local legal requirements of installing fencing on your home property to make sure you are not violating the law. Lastly, if you have lived in your house for a while, you may have forgotten where the property line is. In order to avoid any conflict with neighbors, make sure to double-check exactly where your property ends and theirs begin. 

Consider Hiring Iron Fence Installation Services

If you have no experience in installing fencing or just don’t want to fool with it, a professional fence installation service is always a good idea. Not only will your work be done in a fast and professional manner, but you also eliminate any time or resources that would normally be needed for research, legal mishaps, etc.

Prepare for Entrances

Every fenced-in area should have some sort of entrance or exit area for safety purposes, so gates should be installed at least somewhere on the fence for access. If your yard is sharing a fence with another neighbor’s yard, you probably won’t want to have your gate on a shared section. Instead, try an area where no one lives, such as facing the front yard. 


If you are ready to install your heavy-duty iron fence and add iron railings or you still have some more questions, we here at Hercules Custom Iron are ready to help. We have many years of experience and will ensure that your metal fence, chain link fence, indoor and outdoor railings, and other custom fence fabrications will serve you, your family, or your business for years. Hercules Custom Iron works with you through every step, from consultation to manufacturing to installation. We proudly serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.

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