Installing Railing onto Various Surfaces with Hercules Custom Iron

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Hercules Custom Iron takes pride in offering a wide range of railing options for our customers, either residential or commercial.

Hercules Custom Iron takes pride in offering a wide range of railing options for our customers, either residential or commercial. Our team of experienced professionals can develop metal handrails for different needs, focusing on specialty railing, like guardrails and retaining wall rails. Although installing railing onto various surfaces is challenging, our fencing team at Hercules Custom Iron has the expertise to perform the job efficiently and professionally.


Are you installing grounded rail into your patio or concrete steps? Installing railing onto a concrete surface requires the assistance of a steady hand and a masonry drill bit from Hercules Custom Iron. Fortunately, you can prevent cracking and simplify installation using a masonry drill bit. Also, a masonry drill bit helps make the installation process effective and quick.


Brick surfaces are prevalent; however, installing a rail onto them can be tricky. So, it’s essential to determine the quality of the bricks first. For instance, were your bricks developed with high amounts of lime or sand? If so, they might be prone to cracking. Utilize a hammer rather than a standard drill to prevent blowing out the brick.


Wood tends to rot and receive pest damage, creating a hazard for railings if improperly managed. This is why you should perform routine maintenance on your wood deck or stairs and inspect them before you install a grounded rail. Once your wood surface receives approval, use wood screws and glue to secure your rail. Also, drill pilot holes before you install the screws to ensure that the wood doesn’t split during the installation process.


Stone requires a rotary hammer drill to make a hole through it without breaking or cracking it. In addition, there are two standard methods of installing rails on a stone deck or patio. For example, fascia installation requires drilling and fastening the bolts from the railing to the stone. So, ensure that the space around the bolt is filled with quick-setting cement. Additionally, surface installation requires making a hole to anchor the posts. Lastly, fill the space around the bolt with epoxy once you’ve bored the hold and inserted the bolt.

If you have questions about rail installation, talk to the fencing professionals at Hercules Custom Iron at (301) 845-0808.


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