What is the Point of Precast Bollards?

hercules custom iron precast bollards

Why do precast bollards work so well? What is their purpose?

Developing your business’s best perimeter security plan can take time and effort. This is because there are many options on the market and things to consider. Precast bollards are affordable and durable for business owners seeking that extra security that is attractive. They are also usually made from strong and sturdy concrete and can be made in various finishes. Why do precast bollards work so well? What is their purpose?

Precast Bollards Can Be Reinforced

Concrete precast bollards are ideal for you if you require higher security and durability. However, concrete may crack and chip away over time. In contrast, steel remains solid against high levels of force and humidity. In addition, steel can be twisted or bent into different shapes to complement the shape of your bollards. Altogether, steel and concrete make a barrier that will be hard to pass.

Do you need more convincing? Bollards are valued due to their impact resistance and capacity to stop intentional attacks on a particular target. The design process for these precast bollards includes calculations that help determine the resistance amount necessary to prevent vehicles from hitting a building. Additionally, they are typically made from a carbon steel pipe and have concrete to enhance rigidity.

They Maintain Quality Standards

Manufacturers of precast bollards do a great job at having quality control. The casting facilities are clean, so no extra debris or impurities can enter the bollards. Also, the molds on these products are the ideal way to ensure everything stays uniform. This way, all your bollards will be in the same shape and size. So, what else can precast bollards do?

Bollards with Rebar

Did you know that rebar is the prevalent type of reinforcement for concrete? It can also be utilized to reinforce precast bollards. Moreover, steel rebar can be adapted to various shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. If you live in an area where corrosion is a concern, ensure that you utilize corrosion-resistant stainless steel or correctly seal the concrete bollards to prevent any damage.


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