What Should I Seek in an Aluminum Fence?

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An aluminum fence should not be a random purchase. Since your new fence will significantly impact your property, future, and checkbook, you should carefully compare options before making a final decision. However, if you’ve never bought a fence, you might know what to look for in an aluminum fence. To make sure you don’t make a mistake, consider the following factors before purchasing a fence.

Browse Fence Qualities and Features

As you shop your options, look for the following features and qualities:


First and foremost, a fence’s affordability is what you must look for in an aluminum fence. Also, watch out for meager prices that appear “too good to be true.” However, they might be possible because of low-quality materials and construction. In addition, you receive what you pay for regarding fences.

Wall Thicknesses

Even though the wall thicknesses of your fence panels and posts don’t have to be necessarily thick, they shouldn’t be thin. Thin walls might be evidence of a fence’s lack of quality. In fact, the company might be trying to save money by utilizing less material and lowering the fence’s strength. 

Fence’s Durability & Sturdiness

Moreover, search for a fence with interior reinforcement, such as durability and sturdiness. In addition, making sure there is internal ribbing in the pickets or galvanized steel reinforcements will prevent sagging. Fortunately, this will assist your aluminum fence in handling harsh weather.

Fence’s Secure Design

The fence’s design will also impact a significant role in its overall strength. Instead of glued or screwed rails, search for routed rails. Also, use tongue-and-groove pickets if you’re installing a privacy fence. Lastly, pay extra attention to the gates; they are prone to damage. Plus, they should have sturdy hardware, steel or aluminum frames, or aluminum post stiffeners.

An Excellent Warranty

A great warranty is also something you should look for in an aluminum fence. Although your new fence might look great now, what if something happens to it a couple of months or years down the line? So, search for a product with an excellent lifetime warranty to ensure coverage. Additionally, make sure the company’s reputation regarding warranties is legitimate and trusting when a claim arises.

Easy Installation

Seek a fencing system that’s easy to install if you wish to install the fence yourself. Luckily, aluminum is simple to work with, unlike other materials such as steel and wood. Even if you don’t want to install the fence, a product with easy installation will equal lower installation costs. Call Hercules Custom Iron at 301-845-0808 for more information!


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