What to Know When Purchasing a Wrought Iron or Aluminum Fence

hercules custom iron know when purchasing a wrought iron or aluminum fence

This is a guide on what to know when purchasing a wrought iron or aluminum fence.

If you’ve walked through a historic neighborhood, you’ve probably seen some beautifully wrought iron fences. Or perhaps you want to build your own. However, do you really need wrought iron to receive that look? In contrast, aluminum is a modern alternative with several benefits. This is a guide on what to know when purchasing a wrought iron or aluminum fence.

Wrought Iron vs. Aluminum

Wrought iron is iron that has been hammered or rolled while hot. Today, a company can’t really produce real wrought iron. Similar to wrought iron, mild steel is often used in its place. In many cases, this iron has the ability to designate the style, including all types of decorative metal fences.

Although aluminum has many of the same benefits as wrought iron, they have become much more popular over the past decade. Some HOA requires aluminum for all new fences to maintain a uniform style for the community. So, this is an essential part you should know when purchasing a wrought iron or aluminum fence.

Durability and Strength

Since wrought iron is one of the hardest fences to penetrate, it’s ideal for high-security situations. They are also harder to damage and cut. On the other hand, aluminum is less sturdy than wrought iron. Also, residential aluminum fencing can be dented or bent with enough force.

If you need additional strength, you can get commercial aluminum fencing. Additionally, industrial aluminum fencing provides optimal stability and security for high-security areas.


The biggest problem with wrought iron is that it tends to rust. To prevent rusting, you should carefully inspect the entire fence for corrosion at least once a year. What makes wrought iron fences costly to maintain is that the entire fence should be sanded and repainted once every few years.

Fortunately, aluminum fences don’t need lots of maintenance. Just keep them looking fresh by cleaning them with a garden hose. Otherwise, an aluminum fence will not peel, rust, or chip.

Installation & Cost

Moreover, installing a wrought iron fence is a labor-intensive job. One section of a wrought iron fence weighs as much as 50 pounds. Meanwhile, aluminum fencing is easy to install. They don’t require welding and can be installed together with screws.

Also, wrought iron fencing is the most expensive fencing you can get. This can be due to regular maintenance, it’s labor-intensive, and additional labor for installation. Lastly, aluminum fencing is less expensive. It’s simpler to make, and the fence sections are affordable.

For more information about what to know when purchasing a wrought iron or aluminum fence, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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