Is Aluminum Fencing Good for Windy Properties?

Hercules Custom Iron aluminum fencing good for windy properties

Aluminum fencing is good for windy properties because the wind has the ability to pass through it, and aluminum is lightweight and sturdy.

We have all been there: chasing down lawn furniture that’s getting away or running out to pick up our garbage cans. The wind is a part of living in Maryland, and if you want to install a new fence, then this must be part of the equation. Let’s look at how fencing materials handle wind that can blow severely at times and if aluminum fencing is good for windy properties. 

Wooden Fencing is Not Practical for Handling Wind 

While it’s unseen, the wind is a strong force for your fence. Wind can also wallop your fencing if it doesn’t have a pass-through. A wood fence with tight slats can prevent winds from blowing through and might be vulnerable to damage from a powerful gust. If you worry about how windy your backyard is, wood fencing might not be the best option. 

In addition, while it might provide privacy, wood fencing can be a stopping point for wind and requires constant maintenance. Wood is also vulnerable to moisture, mold, and mildew and must be maintained through continual staining, cleaning, or painting. The following section will explain why aluminum fencing is good for windy properties. 

Why Aluminum Fencing is Practical for Wind

If you live on a property prone to storms and strong winds, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of going outside to find that your wooden fence has been blown over. One of the significant benefits of purchasing an aluminum fence is that you can be sure the weather won’t defeat them. Additionally, aluminum fences are easy to re-install in the rare case that one does get knocked over. 

Aluminum fencing is good for windy properties because it provides a clear path for any wind’s strength. It’s a practical fencing material available in many wire gauge sizes, colors, and more. So, you can still personalize your fence’s appearance. While aluminum doesn’t offer privacy, it’s sturdy and healthy for those who worry about the wind in their backyard. 

Aluminum Fencing is Easy to Install 

If you want to keep your property bright and inviting even in the worst weather, consider investing in aluminum fencing from Hercules Custom Iron. You can save lots of time and money in the long term. 


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