Why Steel is the Best Option for Your Security Gates

Hercules Custom Iron Steel Gates

Steel security gates have the strength and durability to protect your property from unwanted access, making them a superior option.

Security gates are an essential investment. There are numerous options to consider, and Hercules Custom Iron will be able to provide advice and guidance. There are two primary materials for security gates: steel and aluminum. However, they have their differences. This blog discusses why steel is the best option for your security gates.

The Difference Between Steel & Aluminum Gates

Aluminum is a light and pliable metal. Although it can be significant in some circumstances, it can also be challenging in others. For example, aluminum’s ductility produces a low melting point. This means that it can be unreliable during welding. Even though it’s light and simple to move, welding weaknesses indicate that aluminum security gates will buckle under pressure. 

In contrast, steel is the best option for your security gates since it’s a heavier and stronger metal. Even after the welding process, very little will get through a locked steel security gate. Due to problems like weight, steel manufacturing can require extra design time. As a result, it might lead to a longer overall project. This is typically worth the effort since steel gates and barriers are powerful. 

Maintenance of Security Gates

Even though the metals maintain themselves, it depends on the fabrication’s quality and design. A well-designed steel gate will survive for years. On the other hand, aluminum gates last up to 20 years. The shorter lifespan is due to the metal’s comparative softness, which tends to get damaged. In both cases, very little care is unnecessary. 

Steel is the Best Option for Security Gates 

What would a great fence be without an excellent gate? Gates can impact various styles and are the perfect opportunity to add a personal touch to your fence’s style. Regardless of the application, an entrance from Hercules Custom Iron is guaranteed to attract some looks. 

Overall, steel is the best option for your security gates. Strong and durable is the ideal solution for most security installations. However, to learn more about the various security gates, call us today to set up a consultation. Hercules Custom Iron has what you seek if you’re in the market for a gate! 


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