How to Maintain Aluminum Fences

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This blog will uncover ways to maintain aluminum fences.

People select aluminum fences because they’re durable and require little maintenance. But, if you want to maintain your fence looking its best, it’s ideal to be ready to care for it. Luckily, this blog will uncover ways to maintain aluminum fences.

Guide to Cleaning Aluminum Fences

Keeping a fence clean might not appear like a critical part of maintaining it, but it is. While the elements cannot harm aluminum fences, they can be made to be less functional due to dirt and grime build-ups. So, try the following methods to maintain aluminum fences:

  • Since aluminum fences are usually powder-coated, they are simple to keep looking tidy. All you must complete is spray down your fence with water regularly. You can also let it air dry or wipe it down with a soft cloth.
  • If there are stubborn grime and stains that water will not eliminate, you can take care of them with dish soap and a soft cloth. Sometimes, a gentle cleaning solution with a degreaser can be effective. Make sure to rinse any cleansing agent away thoroughly once you’re done.
  • The frequency at which you must clean your aluminum fence significantly depends on the area you live. If you reside somewhere where there are likely particles in the air, like an industrial or coastal area, you may need to spray your fence weekly. In other areas, once a month is enough.

Guide to Maintaining Aluminum Fences

It’s unlikely you’ll have to complete much to your fence other than washing it, so making sure its parts are working will lengthen its lifespan:

  • It’s ideal to maintain aluminum fences with a deep clean once a year. Start this process by weeding the area around the fence posts. After that is completed, utilize a soft cloth and gentle cleanser to wipe down all the different parts of the fence. Finish by rinsing the fence clean and allowing it to air dry.
  • While deep-cleaning your aluminum fence, ensure its hardware is functioning well. Also, make sure to oil any hinges and that the fence’s latch closes firmly. You may also inspect the fence posts to determine whether they’re firmly planted. If you must replace any hardware, read the manufacturer’s instructions for your fence.
  • Powder coating can sometimes oxidize under sunlight, resulting in a barely-visible residue. If this impacts your fence’s appearance, consider using car wax to polish it back to its original shine.

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